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Before you choose the best suitable Hosting for our website you should know how exactly does the shared hosting works and how its suitable to your needs. Yes ! when i say needs its co-relate to your website , every website needs resources to run it smoothly.

What does these resources includes ?

1. RAM (Memmory)

2. Disk

3. Inode Limit

4. database size and buffer cache

5. Apache web server type

6. CPU allocation

7. Number of process allowed

When you know these requirements of your website then only you will be able to choose the best hosting for your website. Many Hosting providers does not share this information to hide and play the marketing funda ! But its very important for your website to run smoothly. You can ask your hosting provider to share these details which they allocate under shared hosting environment.

Some of webhosting companies claim to provide UNLIMITED Web Hosting and hides the other restrictions mentioned above, its very hard to get such hosting provider who really care of customers website and provides the best resources under shared envirment. Now you know what thinks you need to ask to your hosting provider before you buy somthing in shared environment.

The main Disadvantage of shared hosting is that the same resources of server are shared by lots of usershosted on the same server , which means if any of other spammer or the problem user is hosted on the server , all other users has to suffer the performance which they intended to get. So make sure you get the clarification from your hosting provider that the Dedicated resources are allocated and CAGEFS security is implemented to make sure that the bad users will not affect the other users performance.

Under shared hosting environment Mysql users process are very important as the msyql server need to configured in such way that it should buffer the suitable cache of the records to get the faster results of mysql database queries and should not restrict the concurrent connections. due to the strict restrictions you may face the issue of mysql connection error periodically. and to avoid this issues you should clarify these things with your hosting provider before you buy it.


With Hostripples you will get all your answers to these queries, we have planed the shared hosting to suite best for your needs and fullfill the websites requirements, we have 1GB RAM for each cpanel account so that your website wont face any issues with the memory and also we have unlimited Disk and so Unlimited Inode limit. We do not have Limitations on the database size of your website, and best configuration for DATABASE server.

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